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TradeCenter is a multi-dimensional decision support tool designed to maximize trading opportunities and profits. The system allows traders to focus on dealing, instead of punching numbers into a computer. TradeCenter combines market positions with generation and load to facilitate economic generation dispatch, create customer quotes and optimize portfolio balancing.

TransLink is a portfolio balancing and optimization system that calculates transmission decisions in real-time, transforming an all-morning ordeal into a five-minute process. The system's proprietary optimization engine integrates logic for both ETSO and non-ETSO members as well as rules for Cross-Border Tariffs (CBT), allowing power to flow from one end of Europe to the other.

SwapLink is a decision-making tool that searches for profitable location swaps. The system signals not only potential profit opportunities but also alternatives where line constraints hinder physical transmission. SwapLink is fully integrated with Energistics' line of real-time trading tools, including TransLink.

Energistics Scheduler automates the process of creating and distributing information to grid operators. It does this by seamlessly consolidating transmission data, reducing the likelihood of error and making the process more efficient. Energistics Scheduler is fully integrated with TransLink and SwapLink.

Please contact us at info@energisticsllc.com for more information or to schedule a demonstration.