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Energistics provides trading and risk management advisory services and software to the regulated and deregulated energy industries.

Our clients include the world's largest electric utilities, gas distribution companies, power marketers, independent power producers and integrated oil and gas companies.

A US based international company with clients across North America, Europe and Asia, we are unique in offering boutique-style consulting services with a global perspective.

Practical real-world trading and risk management experience balanced with creative and original solutions: This combination enables us to support our clients in ways that directly benefit the bottom line.

Ford-Google Alliance for PHEV

Ford is teaming up with Google to bring drivers an app that calculates how a Plug-in Hybrid Car battery can best be used for a particular route. The app uses historical driving data and Fordís Sync voice recognition system, so it can ask the driver specifics about the destination. Googleís Prediction API platform crunches the numbers from the cloud, leaving the app to offer route suggestions like a GPS, but more importantly, optimize use of the carís power- train.

For example, some cities are contemplating EV-only streets and the app could save the battery for that portion of a route. Or the software could make sure the battery has enough extra charge to get over hilly terrain. In contrast, current PHEV systems use the battery until it is depleted and then switch to the gas engine.

Apps like this are an important step forward in battery technology, but it is still frontier territory. Making batteries work more efficiently goes beyond electrodes and electrolytes. Great efficiencies can be gained by managing how the battery is best used under different conditions.